Coach Pete Carroll and the 4.12.12 Song Of The Day – Mumford & Sons, “The Cave” – Tempo Breakdown and more “Hey, What’s In This For Me?” Question – tempo charts and legal still map

This afternoon I reached out to Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll whether he had a song of the day (“#SOTD#). 6h Ian Andrew Schneider 3h Ian Andrew Schneider Ian Andrew Schneider@ianaschneider


@PeteCarroll did you have a #SOTD today? Thanks! /is/

As per my luck, Coach Carroll was online w a SOTD in a few minutes.

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Pete Carroll Pete Carroll@PeteCarroll

Happy birthday J! #SOTD: The Cave by Mumford and Sons

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5:21 PM – 12 Apr 12 via web · Details


Meanspeed-Carlton Speed Summary

Equipment used=Apple®, Microsoft®, Research In Motion®, DR. Dre® headphonesThe Cave is most interesting insofar as parts of the song double the speed of the rhythm section in parts of the song.  I used the half note as the beat – that said, any time you might hear the song as ‘twice as fast’ you are right!  Some of the guitarists are playing fast chords in places.Songs Sings as THE CAVE are excellent for setting up a binary speed loop.  Wake up with a song you like – no sounds first – and you will know what I am talking about.  And nope, this is not for everyone, but anyone for whom this does not work can have minds changed.   Therefore I will give 6 songs within 1 percent of 71 beats per minute and 6 others at 142 beats per minute.  IN a nutshell, when you have a solid groove that you like playing in the background, you become vaccinated to many people’s noise.  Six songs within 1% of 71 beats per minute:”Coming Around Again/Itsy Bitsy Spider,” Carly Simon with her children, Greatest Hits Live”Vision of Love,” Mariah Carey”Heaven,” Bryan Adams”Silent Lucidity,” Queensryche”The Unforgiven,” Metallica”Mandolin Rain,” Bruce Hornsby and the Range6 song within 1% of 142 beats per minute”Bonanza,” tv theme”Eight Days A Week,” The Beatles”The Letter,” The Box Tops”Down On Me,” Janis Joplin”Expresso Love,” Dire Straits”Pump It Up,” Elvis CostelloThank you Coach Carroll and everyone else for your time.  We live in tough times and seeking therapy for stress especially for American men can be humiliating or at least embarrassing.  So I love doing this not as a profiteer but rather as a teacher who is better for the country filling an order to help many of us ease from our collective mass fear of crises of every type, from nuclear threats, computer attacks suspicion of one’s neighbor, to me it still goes back to FDR’s “THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS …fear itself.”Being aware of speed, being able to produce speed loops in your head to keep you in control simply by referring to a few songs on a smart phone is a pretty cool thing, especially because the tools are ALL already in your hands.  I tutor around the clock for the love of fellow and sister citizens – and no, I don’t hate nor am I “against” drug companies or “western medicine.”  My grandfather was a pharmacist and my dad and sister are surgeons and i have the *highest* respect for Western medicine.  What I am doing here as “therapy” is *complimentary* health therapy – a salve to go along with and not ram heads against our doctors.

/is/meanspeed® therapyApril 12, 2012

performer=Mumford & Sons
song title=The Cave
File kind=Purchased MPEG-4 video file
intellectual property=Capitol Records®
median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=71.0 beats per minute
median time per beat=844.7 milliseconds
Corresponding audible tone=303.11 Hertz, where D4=293.66 Hz, 311.13 Hz
File Size=56.3 MB
Bit Rate=44.100 kHz
Sample Rate=246kbps [sic]
Volume=-3.5 dBProfile=Low ComplexityVideo Dimensions=640 x272Total Bit Rate=1681 kbpsVideo Codec=H.264
Purchased from=iTunes®/App

what's the most underrated song ever?

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